Big AiA/TSWL Update: Quantum Progress

Isn’t it splendid to take a step forward, knowing that it is forward progress and that you are doing it, under your own power? Nobody but you is pushing you to do this, it matters more to you than to anyone else, and yet it is what you spend your time doing.

Luckily for me, more than just I seem to care about this fiction project to which I am wed (BIG SHOUTOUT TO MY LURKERS! You guys who slowly worm your way through To Save What’s Lost, liking only the posts that really get you? You’re the real heroes, along with the folks who like my “here’s what my life’s like lately and how it affects my fiction” posts. Y’all are a big part of what keeps me going; please never stop). Which means y’all just might be interested to know that Adventures in Aryest just saw a huge update: ten full chapters are available to read, on a dark mode site, right now at that link. You’ll notice if you head over there that it goes up to chapter eleven now. That’s because chapter 9.5 on this site was renamed to chapter 10 over there, making ch.10 ch.11.

This is the beginning of my newly devised schedule. As I’ve settled into my new job at the brewery, I’ve found I have regular time to edit my hard copy of my manuscript. Also, working there doesn’t devour my every last ounce of emotional stamina, so I’m able to spend time that I’m at home working on TSWL. It’s moving forward, my friends! I think within six months I’ll feel comfortable calling the sixteen chapters I have written a draft of my debut novella (or the first arc of my debut epic novel). From there, who knows?

I’ve communicated a more specific timeline to my Patreon supporters, but suffice to say that I know what order I intend to complete my open tasks, and that includes the short story I’ve been teasing for two months and the video essay I’ve been threatening for longer. Stick around, my friends! My flame burns brightly!


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