Rando Rules!

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Goal: Defeat Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Item Requirements: Lordvessel, 2 Bequeathed Lord Soul Shards, 2 Lord Souls
(possibly Covenant of Artorias; needed for Four Kings, see below)

Other Requirements: Meet one of the Primordial Serpents
(EITHER ring both Bells of Awakening OR defeat the Four Kings)

Item Shuffle Rules

Race Mode is ON
This means that key items can only be in chests, locations where key items are found in vanilla (including embers), Black Knight drops (outside Kiln of the First Flame), and Boss Drops (O&S in any order). I chose this to prevent a ninety-hour seed.

Senile Serpents/Gwynevere
This just means that the Lordvessel and Lord Souls (and fragments) are all shuffled in. Note that Gwynevere doesn’t count as a key item location, but the Lordvessel still behaves like a key.

Fashion Souls/Laundromat Mixup
This effects how armor sets and NPC armor are handled. My settings have armor sets split up and NPC’s wearing randomly assigned armor.

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