Rando Rules!

Combination Randomzer! The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask

Goal: Defeat Gannondorf and Majora

Item Requirements: I’m…actually not sure what will trigger the rainbow bridge to appear. Ordinarily, I’m given the option in generation and the altar in the Temple of Time will tell me. Neither of these are true. I’m assuming I will need all medallions, but we’ll experiment as we go. Majora will definitely require all four boss remains. I’m also not sure what will happen after we defeat one of the final bosses. Can’t wait to find out!

Item Shuffle Rules

What the Hell’s a Combo Randomizer?!?

After generation, both games are output in the same ROM, and Link can travel between games using the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Castle Town and the Clock Tower main entrance in Clock Town. ITEMS ARE SHUFFLED BETWEEN GAMES, and each game has all its individual items in the mix. For instance, OoT has two progressive ocarinas in the mix and MM has one, and there are two Songs of Storms and Time each, one for each game.

All Settings are Pretty Default for this Release
The team have stated that “basically any feature in the individual randomizers is being considered for this,” but at this point, everything is still pretty basic. OoT Skulltula Tokens from dungeons are in the mix, maps/compasses are removed, Gerudo Card is shuffled, songs can be anywhere, and dungeon rewards are shuffled among themselves.


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