Here you’ll find, primarily, the living, growing project I’m calling To Save what’s Lost.  It’s a work of longform high fantasy fiction (in the vein of The Lord of the Rings, The Kingkiller Chronicle, or The Stormlight Archive.  Big shoes, I know).  Needless to say, I have big plans for this project.

118772107_237849760870382_3499705969040930949_nEvery journey, though, requires a great deal of walking.  That’s what I’m doing here: the walking.  It’s the freshest parts of the project that you’ll find on this site.  For the most current draft, or what represents the most cohesive whole, click this link here to hop over to Neoread, a web novel hosting site.

If you’re interested in walking with me, here are some links. I post on Facebook at least once a week, sometimes more.  I’m on Patreon as well, but since they did a huge update, I’ve had trouble editing my reward tiers.  That investigation is ongoing, but I am most certainly working on it.  Also, new rewards are in the works, like audiobook chapters and early access.

Oh, who am I?  Well, that’s easy: I’m Malachi Champion.  I was born a storyteller and raised a traveler, then educated to write professionally at a crazy little school in Burlington, Vermont.  I met the love of my life there, saving me from what I call the Delaware effect: those who live in Delaware seldom move away.  We live in Delaware currently, but we’re scheming our escape.  Additionally, I’m lucky enough to have been raised by outsiders, so our vacations and family visits took place outside The First State—many locals vacation at the beaches in Southern Delaware.  They’re amazing, don’t get me wrong, but there’s so much more out there to see!

I’ve written about some of it; this was a travel blog for the first few years of its life.  I had hoped, when I graduated college, that folks would find the prospect of supporting an aspiring travel writer palatable, and that my Patreon would grow to fund my travels, but three years in, I couldn’t keep my life on hold any longer.  After the wedding in November 2019, I decided to switch my effort from food and travel (which I’d begun to burn out for myself) to the project I’d begun in college and never fully set aside: To Save What’s Lost.

So here we are!  A serial fiction blog where I’m allowed to do other things as I see fit.  I truly love writing TSWL, though, so I find months pass before I even consider writing something different.  Thank you, to all my Patrons (many of whom I’m related to), and everyone already following me.  It’s you guys that give me hope, and the confidence to keep putting myself out there on the web comes from your likes and comments.  Please don’t forget that, even though we’re not on YouTube, your engagement with my posts will tell the bots my things are worth showing to more people.  I promise not to forget that my content must be top notch to deserve your recommendation.

So please, if you like what you see, drop a like or a comment, and hit those share buttons down at the bottom of the post.  Most of all, though, I hope you enjoy my content; I sure enjoy writing it.

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