This blog is a place for me to compile the stories, anecdotes, reviews, and recommendations that I find around the United States as I travel to and fro.  I am malachi champion, recent graduate of Champlain College with a Professignal-2017-06-20-224327sional Writing degree.  I’m originally from Delaware, a state that exists to most people as “that place that charges me like ten bucks to drive through.”  They’re not wrong; we only have that short strip of I-95.  I’m also the only person from Delaware many of the people I knew in college had met.  Delawarians are notorious for never leaving their little corner of the U.S, but lucky for me, I’m first generation.  My parents met at a high school in Western New York and went to college in Eastern Michigan, so they don’t feel confined to the MidAtlantic like the natives seem to.

They raised me to feel the same, and because of it, I’ve been to all 48 contiguous United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Thailand, and I’ve spent a day in both London and Addis Ababa.  It isn’t enough, though, so here I am.  This blog is my key to future travels.  It will be the beneficiary as well as the benefactor in this endeavor: where I post the writing my travels produce as well as the source of my income (through Patreon).

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