Step One: Complete

I’ve done it, y’all! To Save What’s Lost, in its full current form is available over on the Adventures in Aryest website! From the Prologue to the sixteenth chapter, everything I have written in the main plotline is now available for your perusal—on a dark mode site, organized for easy navigation throughout the project! The next step for AiA is the completion of my developmental edit, which admittedly will take at least a month (likely more) before I’m able to start showing you those edits.

I can tell you, however, that the purpose of going over it in this manner is to enhance certain aspects of the text, including believability, immersiveness, and consistency. For instance, I noticed that only plot-critical wildlife appears in the text currently, but somewhere so remote and northern should have moose or deer around, perhaps night birds or the like. Additionally, there are certain moments which serve a purpose mechanically but don’t make logical sense to the reader, so ironing those wrinkles out is another reason I’m going back over it all. Consistency is the final piece I’m watching for, and it’s actually the reason I’m not adding to the end just yet. I hit a really wonderful stride while I was writing chapters ten to sixteen, so I’m really just ensuring that the rest of the text is consistent in tone with that part.

In other news, my Collins short story is the next compositional piece I’ll be working on, and once it’s presentable, it’ll be up on the AiA site as well. Streaming is going nicely; my audience continues to grow and engagement is also on an upward trend. It’s exciting, maintaining an audience in another forum.

And that’s all I have for you this week! I sincerely hope you enjoy what exists of TSWL; I’m genuinely very proud of what I’ve produced there, and I cannot wait to make more.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed it!  If you did, I humbly ask you to consider tipping me or checking out my social media.  Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy the next one!


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