End of the Year Update

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There are a couple cliches that always pervade this time of year. They are pervasive, perhaps, because they represent emotions that most of us are feeling: “How can it be almost January again already?” and “I’m going to start the new year right!” and so on.

Cliches, however, aren’t necessarily trite or useless. The fact that we all feel this way lends credence to the notion that we should make use of the motivation, that using the end of the holiday season as a kind of reset isn’t a totally pointless endeavor. It’s true that most New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by Valentine’s Day, but still, there is value there. Particular value if you subscribe to the notion that, instead of a Resolution, you should set for yourself a theme, described better than I could here in this video by CGP Grey.

My theme for this year will be “progress.” 2022 was a year characterized by Morgan’s and my plans to move back to Vermont: a goal we accomplished neatly. Since then, my focus has been a bit divided between employment and getting the house to function for me, not to my mention personal fitness and social life. Now, the house is established, so my goal will be to use it. Also, to take steps toward physical activity being a habit, rather than something I’ll theoretically start doing soon.

All this, of course, sounds just like every year in many ways. I can’t shake that feeling of futility when it comes to discussing how I’ll improve my life. I’ve lived for a while now allowing myself to disproportionately fear overworking, leaning heavily on my apnea diagnosis as justification for not pushing myself as hard as I could be. It’s time I found that limit. I’ve actually been getting caught up on My Hero Academia, so perhaps it’s even time for me to go beyond…

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