New Stream Series!

Here’s the question before me: what next? Should I do another randomizer (features get added faster than I can stream these) or something a little different: a blind Let’s Play of a recently released Ocarina of Time romhack? Additionally, there are a couple newer games with randomizer mods that interest me, so we could do a Let’s play of those as well. The vote will be held on Discord, in the #questions channel, and it will be open until Tuesday (4/11). Please vote for as many entries as you’d like, as this will also help me gauge interest for future series. No wrong answers, dear friends!

Let’s Play Options:

The Legend of Zelda: The Sealed Palace

  • Romhack, published 4/2 of this year
  • This would be my first full Romhack of Ocarina


  • I actually know very little about this game, despite its age.
  • I do know it’s got a strong story and a well-designed explorey, adventurey structure.

Prey (2017)

  • Another one that sounds fun, fresh, and interesting, with a world that opens up incrementally (like I like).


  • I mean come on


Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask Combo Randomizer

  • They’ve updated what settings are available: before it was VERY basic, now I can control most elements.
  • Items and warps now have the option to cross over between games.
  • Moon/Ganon’s Castle requirements also now selectable.

Just Ocarina of Time

  • Lots of neat settings I haven’t streamed yet, like checks on enemies, gossip stones, hivesanity, silver rupee shuffle, potsanity, cratesanity, freestanding/invisible rupee shuffle

Just Majora’s Mask

  • Been a while, haven’t done one on stream with Ocarina and Song of Time shuffled.

Twilight Princess

  • I really felt like I hit my stride with this rando during my last seed.
  • A seed with closed Hyrule Castle so that more dungeons are required would be interesting.
  • I’d skip all the twilight this time around.

Wind Waker

  • It’s been a WHILE on this one, and I miss Crowd Control.
  • Apparently there’s also a warp rando mod, which seems very interesting.
  • We could sing sea shanties and tell fishing stories. Could be fun…

2D Zelda

  • Nothing specific on this list. If this gets votes, we can discuss further which you’d like to see and do it as an aside in the middle of a longer rando.

Dark Souls

  • Again, with Crowd Control. I definitely have a handle on traversing this rando relatively efficiently, and dark souls is such a comfy place for me.

Metroid Prime

  • I’d do blind door randomizer. I haven’t ever tried it before, so it would be a bit of bumbling through, but I definitely think it would be fun.
  • Recently received Crowd Control support! (though it might not work with rando currently…)

Plus, there are even more games I’m working on that aren’t actually stream ready! I’ve talked about my blind Castlevania: Circle of the Moon rando on stream and you’ve seen some of my baby giraffe stumbling through Hollow Knight rando (where are you, mantis claw?!), so you know those are coming, but I’m also still on the hunt for a quality Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door rando and learning my way through the rando for its predecessor. I’m also brushing up on Zelda and Metroid for SNES, because those randos look stupid fun, and I just don’t know those games quite well enough yet to run them on stream. Get your votes in, and we’ll move forward together!


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