Stick the Landing

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Well, friends, I’ve made it. My new job is delightful, the beer is fantastic, and the commute is extremely manageable. My coworkers are a lot of fun, and I’m not overwhelmed by the hours that the place is open. Plus, on top of all that, the money is shaping up to be quite lovely as well. Now, to get everything else back into place.

I stopped writing without realizing it, though now that I look at the calendar, it might not be as bad as I thought. I think I only missed one actual week posting here, and my Ratchet & Clank randomizer video script is ready to go. So to that end, I haven’t missed much at all (only posting here and on Patreon last week, which is a big ol’ oops).

I received a surprise Twitch payout yesterday, which was a huge morale boost. I hadn’t been watching, so I didn’t know to hope for it. After my first one back in January, I didn’t think I could even hope for another payout before ten months had passed, so to get one in only six months is absolutely extraordinary.

Speaking of streaming, the folks over at ZeldaSpeedRuns liked my audition, and so I will be commentating a Majora’s Mask Randomizer race at 3 PM Eastern time this coming Sunday (the 17th)! I’m nervous and excited and I just hope it goes well, and if you’re interested in tuning in, you should check out the ZSR Twitch accounts leading up to the start time (there’s four, with three just having numbers tacked onto the end of the channel name. If you search “ZeldaSpeedRuns,” the right accounts will come up). I’ll also be posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord when I know for sure where it’ll be broadcast.

Now that I’ve finished the writing part of my upcoming video essay, I feel I’ll be able to go back to Adventures in Aryest. I have a tendency to keep starting projects without seeing them through; the beginning of a project is the most fun. It’s when anything is possible, when there’s no hard work to be done. That comes later, when it’s time to execute all your great ideas. That’s the part I struggle with.

So we keep our nose to the grindstone. If this job really does have a lower impact on me, I should be able to turn that into more creativity. In the past, the places I worked had enough down time that it was possible to be creative during them; indeed, I have fond memories of using my surroundings in the restaurant to inform the scenes I was working on. I didn’t have any desire to get promoted there—here I do. Almost getting promoted at El Gato really made me realize that I actually am looking to move up in the restaurant world.

So that’s where we are! Thank you all so much for your support (not only here, but on Patreon and on Twitch as well); I truly couldn’t do it without you. It’s exciting that these things seem to be working; I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.


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