To Save What’s Lost is the working title for a longform fiction project which I began in college and have been piecing together since.  It is the story of two young people whose very way of life is threatened to be erased, though they know not how or why.  Rather, I suppose, it’s the story of their quest for answers, in the hopes of finding some solution.

While the project will not remain a serial, I’m presenting it as such for the time being in hopes of garnering support for the project (mostly through Patreon).  This support will allow me to spend more time on it, moving the project forward faster.  Additionally, my Patrons will gain access to extra content and behind-the-scenes information, like audiobook chapters and images of my ridiculous, obsessive worldbuilding notes.

Please consider supporting my Patreon; as I have more time to devote to this project, the benefits will continue to improve and content will be published faster.  For now, though, go check out the Prologue, and please enjoy!