Turning a Corner

This post was uploaded yesterday at patreon.com/champthehippie

This week, dear friends, I did not gain much ground in my creative endeavors. Instead, I got myself a new job: one that, hopefully, will be less of a drain on my resources. I’ll be working ten minutes from my home, rather than thirty, and the new place is a microbrew with a kick-ass restaurant (rather than a tequila bar with a superb menu). If you’ve followed me for very long, you’ll know how passionate I am about beer (and the artistry that goes into its production), so my excitement will make perfect sense.
Unfortunately, professionalism requires that I work at both places this week and next week (and potentially some of the week after that), so I forsee a very tired Malachi going through life for that timeframe. Once the dust settles, you can be sure I’ll make my new schedule known. Until then, know that I will be doing all the same things I have been (Adventures in Aryest, streaming, video game content). I simply don’t know just when I’ll be doing these things.
On the subject of video game content, though, I’m quite excited to share that I have been added to the commentary team for the Zelda SpeedRuns Majora’s Mask Randomizer Race circuit. Watch Twitter and Discord, because I’ll be posting in those places when I know what races I’ll be covering.
Thank you, as always, for your support!


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