Learning to Juggle

It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn. Sadly, (possibly as a result of a neurological condition) I never could get my hands and brain to work together like that, so I’d all but given it up. Lately, however, I’ve found myself applying my energy across a great many different platforms. I’m still holding my restaurant job, but my Twitch channel is beginning to gain momentum, and I’m finding my rhythm again with fiction.

I spent longer writing today than I have in months (is it really March?!), and I feel centered in a way that I haven’t in…well, probably as much time. The short story I’ve been calling “Initiation,” which isn’t a very good title, turned a corner last week, and today I got it over a hump, so I see a lot of things gaining momentum in my head as a result. It was always intended to touch new aspects of my world which I’ve never seen before, and it’s doing just that. Worldbuilding is tricky, because the world’s a complicated place—in ways you’ve never even noticed. What if the place where the religious congregate was also the place where you could send a message to the quickest town over? What would you call that building? The people who worked there? These are just some examples of the questions I didn’t realize I had to be asking—and answering. Also, I’m finally finding ways to explain the magic system I have in my head, which is why I had to stop writing To Save What’s Lost. It was time for my uneducated progatonists to learn important things, but I hadn’t even begun to explain them to myself.

As I said, my Twitch channel is trundling along nicely. I feel I have a little community that has built itself around my channel, which is what I’ve always dreamed of. That Discord is open to the public, and the one for my fiction project will be shortly. Discord exclusivity is currently a Patreon reward, so I’ll need to slightly restructure the chat room to preserve that before it can go actually live. Hopefully, that won’t take too much time, and you can bet your boots I’ll talk about it here once it’s a real thing. Hades is going smoothly—that game is really good at narrative pacing somehow, despite its recursivity—and my Metroid Prime Randomizer (which began on Tuesday) started off well despite my poor laptop not quite being able to cut it. I’ll be investigating ways to make it run smoother for my next session, as the beginning areas are not the most resource intensive areas in that game (predictably).

It’s a well-documented truth that I work best with momentum behind me. Although I have not yet achieved the amount of momentum I had at my last home, I can at last feel it building. A proper writing session will go a long way toward retaining that momentum, and I’m super grateful I got one today. So, new fiction is on the horizon, streaming is fun and you should come watch, and I’ll talk to you next week!


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