Briefly, We’ve Leapt Forward

Well, we’ve all survived another week. Sometimes it’s frustrating that the clock keeps ticking, but other times, (like now, from where I’m sitting) it’s validating that we keep moving forward. During a moment of reflection over the weekend, I was feeling frustrated at how many things I’m trying to do and how little I feel I’m moving, when I realized how many things I’m trying to do, and that they’re all moving forward at their own paces. Baffling.

You may have noticed the new addition to what WordPress calls my “sidebar,” just above my Facebook integration. Indeed, WordPress has finally added the functionality I’ve been waiting for: direct audience support.

Now, you need not worry. I decided at the beginning of my blogging career that all my content would be available to everyone for free, and I stand by that. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t incentives for supporting me regularly. WordPress has added both one-time donations and monthly/yearly support, so (at this point at least) I intend to treat recurring supporters (that is, committing to regular support) just like I do my Patrons over on Patreon. Currently, that means access to rough drafts, and in the future it could mean early access to new content over on my fiction blog, but that’s in the future.

Speaking of that blog, it’s finally coming into its own. At last, I have named the world in which To Save What’s Lost takes place, which allowed me to name the blog—and therefore the project. Thus, I present to you “Adventures in Aryest,” an ever-expanding, interconnected fiction project by yours truly. I’m very excited to have that step behind me. Now, I have an actual place where my stories live, like a garden—fertile soil in which to plant new ideas and watch them grow.

The idea I’m currently developing is still the magic acolyte story, and the adventurer one is simply awaiting a good, solid edit before it goes up over there. Sadly, this is all the time I have to write this week, so I apologize for the abbreviated update. Luckily, this is only the beginning.


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