Tentative, Hesitant Steps Forward

Social media and I have never really seen eye to eye. I don’t really buy into the notion that all the little pieces of our life are worth anything to other people. Some of them are, for sure; I love discussing opinions on traditional media or seeing photos of new pets. I’ve just never bought into the idea that my cruddy breakfast smoothie holds any value to another person’s life.

Now, I’m really good at arguing with myself and coming up with counterpoints, even to things I agree with, so I can absolutely see the standpoint that my little victories can inspire little victories in others, thereby making the world a better place one smoothie at a time. I just see that as one of many potential outcomes, and an unlikely one at that. So I never got into the habit of putting myself all out there for the world to see. When I started blogging, I mistakenly fretted over my social media presence retaining a level of polish, worrying about self-imposed standards for relevance and level of interest.

Hardly anything was up to that standard, so I hardly ever would post. It developed into a vicious cycle that weighed down my confidence even as I strove to force fake it, which of course didn’t work. So it was that I decided to leave it behind me, at least temporarily, in order to direct all my energy toward writing—what I wanted to be doing anyway. And it was good, for a while.

Now, my struggle is monetary. I need my life to move forward, but it won’t without something changing. I’ve been applying for traditional jobs, but that’s not because I want one. Thus, as I go through this shift in my blog procedure, I’m amending the allocation of my energy as well. My standards for what I post are lower, so that I actually post things, and I’m going to be spending my free time, which I would previously spend fiendishly writing, building up and beautifying my social media presences, not to mention migrating all of my existing content over to the WordPress that’s designed around it.

Also, Morgan and I are beginning the process of moving into a new apartment this week, which is another avenue sapping my energy and attention, so if this is a lighter content week, that’s why. I will say that I’m building up the habit of writing everything down more consistently, and all the little tidbits are adding up quite nicely. Have a good week!

PS: I wrote this out last Wednesday, but Morgan and I were able to start moving into our new apartment on Thursday (woohoo!), so I haven’t had a good chance to sit down and post this until just now. I’ll be back on Thursday with another update, and hopefully this week I’ll get to start updating the other blog. Details, as always, to follow!


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