Why do anything?  It’s actually a pretty good question, once you start to think about it, one with very real answers.  We go to work because it’s worth the money; some of us go to church for the spiritual benefits; others go to bars for the social perks.  So what good is fun?

A beer in the evening paired with your favorite TV show or a good book might be just the thing that helps you unwind from a stressful day at work.  This is a very important piece of the day, though it may not manifest this way for you.  Relaxation is a key piece of life, and I worry that many people forget that.  Thus, it is a goal of mine to remind people how important to productivity and general mental health fun really is.

Fun comes in several shapes and sizes.  To some, curling up by the fireplace in a high-backed chair with a mug of tea and a good book sounds like Heaven on Earth, while others want nothing more than to be in a crowd of a hundred thousand cheering on their favorite football team.  There are no wrong answers when it comes to Fun, and I intend to enjoy as varied a scope of recreational activities as possible.

Personally, I enjoy a wide range of activities, from a beer on the porch to a night at the bars; video game marathons to backpacking treks.  I love National Parks particularly, as much for the outdoors as for the historical and cultural significance they represent.  In my travels, it is my intention to feature them prominently, as conservation and education are extremely important topics that we cannot allow to fall by the wayside.

National Parks aren’t all that’s on my radar, though.  I greatly look forward to finding weird roadside attractions, wonky museums, and small-time amusement parks scattered throughout our great nation.  It’s the unexpected things that tend to be the most memorable, and I hope to find them wherever I can.