The Nature of Writing

I’ll just cut to the chase: the nature of writing is that it takes time. Time to mechanically get the thoughts down on paper (or word processing program), time to organize those thoughts in the first place, and time to iterate on what you’ve already written to take it from “fine” to “outstanding.”

Today, I wrote out a script for a video essay on why Ratchet & Clank‘s game structure would lend itself nicely to a randomizer mod. I think it turned out okay, but that’s because it’s nothing more than a rough draft. I did get further into it than I expected, which is good, but I still don’t have anything really substantial to show you this week. Sorry!

I’m putting in the time, though. Ordering my thoughts in this way is cathartic in its own way, but now I can come back to what I’ve written tomorrow and iron out wrinkles that I can’t even see right now. I’m looking forward to having it written; I hope you’re looking forward to seeing the video essay.


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