Brief Check-In

Sorry, dear WordPress readers, for the lack of substance this week! I was up WAY too late last night finally playing Borderlands 3 with my sister for the first ever time, and consequently, my normal timeslot for writing was eaten up by sleeping in, in order to work my restaurant shift effectively. Additionally, the creative work I did get done was mostly behind-the-scenes worldbuilding, which unfortunately I’m not comfortable posting in a free and public manner. My supporters over on Patreon got to hear about what’s going on, though, so if that’s something that interests you, consider perhaps joining their ranks (you’ll get access to the story in its current, alpha form as well).
I will tell you that although it wasn’t outright writing more of the story I’ve been working on, it was pretty necessary to completing the story. What separates a good story from a great one is, in part at least, a solid foundation that things are happening for reasons that make sense. My story now has those reasons, so I expect it to surge onward from here, covering ground in record time. I hope you’re looking forward to reading it, because I’m extremely excited to show you!


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