And They Stick the Landing!

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Didn’t think you’d hear from me again for another month, did you? Admittedly, that’s your reasonable, well-honed pattern recognition at work, and I’m writing this week pretty much to spite both your pattern recognition and my own.

Vacation was excellent, partially because Morgan and I spent the second half of our time away scheming as to how we wanted to return to the house—setting ourselves up to live the life we want. We got home and set ourselves up to do exactly that, and the future seems quite bright.

Taking a step back from life allowed me to take a good look at certain aspects of my creativity. For one, I’m not sure why when I went to record my video essay on the Ratchet & Clank randomizer, I didn’t just write myself a script. I wanted it to feel conversational and genuine, but I don’t organize my thoughts well on the fly. So, I’m abandoning that first attempt at recording, using the outline to generate a proper script, and going at the production of this project from a whole new angle. I look forward to recording a much more planned take.

In other news, the school year is ending, which means the schedule at the restaurant is changing. I have no true idea of what my new work schedule will look like, but as I’m there more days of the week than not currently, I can’t imagine it will be too different. The fact that I’m posting this is an excellent thing; it means that I’m preserving my momentum. If you’ve followed me for…well, any amount of time, you’ll know that my routines are very, very important to me.

As I’ve said: the future is bright. I’m finding balances in life and building good habits. More of everything is to come; I promise.


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