Too Much or Not Enough?

Earlier this week, I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated that I’m not making substantial progress in any of the things that I’m working on, and on reflection, it came with a sense that perhaps I’m spreading myself a bit thin. Then, this morning I woke up with the beginnings of a script for an introductory video essay for the front page of my YouTube channel.

This doesn’t exactly represent project creep like it might seem, as expanding the audience for my writing is my top priority, and having my YouTube page look like I’m a serious creator is an important step on that journey. Publishing my writing as audiobook chapters has absolutely begun bringing To Save What’s Lost to people who wouldn’t have read it otherwise, and small victories are to be celebrated. I need to bump up recording my short story written to be an introduction to the world so that it can start doing its job on YouTube as well as it has on the Aryest site.

Relatedly, I’m sure it’s obvious I’ve stopped updating that site as much. I still don’t have access to the data on my dead laptop, so I have yet to figure out how to access the master document which represents the version of the story currently on the site. Internal consistency is paramount to producing good fiction, so I’m doing a lot of work to maintain it correctly.

I’m thinking that I should isolate a specific goal for each week. “Write another half-chapter of TSWL,” for instance, or “Record three more audiobook chapters.” Perhaps it’s not that I’m trying to do too much, I’m simply not organized properly. We’ll see in the coming weeks whether I’m disciplined enough to set up and utilize a new system.

In the meantime, being sick at the beginning of this week means that I’m behind on the more mundane aspects of life (the house is in disarray and I have to make a call about an upcoming Jury Duty thing), so unfortunately that’s all the time I have for today. Thank you as always!


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