Deepest Irony

“I wish I had more to tell you today, friends. I’m still trundling along as I have been, slowly making progress in all the different projects I have open. Updating the Aryest website has stalled, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, and my streaming schedule is rather thrown off at the moment, but I’m reminded of the advice I just gave one of my oldest friends.

“She’s working on getting a podcast off the ground, and as with any artistic endeavor, that takes a lot of work. Her question was about discipline, and how I manage—despite my chaotic nature—to consistently generate content, and indeed post it.”

I wrote those words about three weeks ago, thinking that I’d be able to jump back in and finish that article off with little trouble the next day or so. It was the last time, before today, that I wrote practically anything.

Y’all, the way I’m trying to do life isn’t working. Certain things are going okay in a vacuum, but overall, I’ve stalled. I don’t yet know how the changes I need to make are going to settle, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Posting here is a security thing for me, I’ve realized. It helps me keep track of time and stay realistic about what’s going on in my life. Right now, I’m out of touch with how poor of a job I’m doing at supporting myself and my wife, and she’s working herself to the bone. I feel…disgusting for how selfish I’ve been, focused as I am on growing creative endeavors which don’t generate income. That’s why I need to change things.

There’s hope, though. Part of why I missed the first week’s post was because a freelance copyediting job fell from the sky and I set everything aside to do it to the best of my ability. And it went great! I’ve been given another job by the same person already, with more in the future. Just one client isn’t enough, though, so I’m shifting my effort from streaming to acquiring more copyediting clients, as I finally have a foot in the door of the industry. I’ll still be going live, but less frequently and for shorter sessions.

Also, Aryest continues to grow in my mind. It frustrates me that I haven’t written as much more as I wish to, but the project doesn’t stand still. Once I’ve reordered my life, I’ll be returning to producing more content, but as it doesn’t produce a livable wage either, it needs to be second.

This is why I push for supporters on Patreon, or tips through WordPress or Buy Me a Coffee. My dream, nay, my goal is to make fiction production—my greatest skill and passion—the thing I do the most. It’s a long and arduous path, though, so perhaps it’s time to slide downhill a bit. Apologies that that means less content for a bit, but the power to change that is in your hands, dear readers.


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