Growing up with ADHD, I gained a strong (and earned) reputation for acting without thinking. Impulsivity is a hallmark symptom of the disorder, and the associated attention issues make extended, highly cognitive tasks more daunting. Another hallmark is a bit harder to characterize, but I describe it thusly: it’s a lack of natural ability to prioritize. Distractability is the inability to prioritize sensory input: I can’t convince my brain that writing this article is more important than the housefly buzzing about the room, or that finishing this little bit in an app game is less important than showing up to work on time.

I bring this up to highlight how bizarre ;it feels for me to be giddy with all of the story planning that has happened almost unbidden over the last week. It hardly feels like work, though it is sort of the easy part. Sitting down and writing four thousand words which mesh with the thirty thousand that come before it, feel like something resembling a miniature ending, set up a new beginning, and are beautiful and interesting to read in and of themselves. Work, yes, but work I’m more than excited to get going on.

So, what I suppose I’m saying is that (hopefully soon), you can expect chapter fourteen’s first part to be on its way; I intend to begin writing it today. Streaming seems to be going smoothly; I’m comfortably immersed in a Metroid Prime 3: Corruption let’s play, which seems to be doing well on YouTube, and my subs are very excited for the start of my first live seed of the Hollow Knight randomizer. It’s not all video games over there, though. I talk about my life in a similar manner to what I do here, though you can interact with me in real time there. I’d love to field your questions, whether they’re about Adventures in Aryest or my gaming habits or anything else you can think of. Let’s talk!

That’s all I have for you this week; I recognize it’s a shorter post than I usually put up. Take heart, though, for it’s because I’m focusing my writing on pushing To Save What’s Lost forward.


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