One foot in Front of the Other

Hello again, internet; I’ve missed you.

I haven’t been on just about any platform in a couple of weeks, and I’d like to take some time here to discuss why. Primarily, it’s been my ever present lack of ability to multitask (which has been getting better!) conflicting with my notorious inability to react to things changing my schedule without warning.

This time around, it was the looming threat of Covid which mucked up my delicate little schedule. An ill-fated funeral (a bit ironic, that) caused two of our more critical employees at the restaurant to contract the wretched illness, so for the last two weeks, they’ve been out of commission. This left the rest of our restaurant’s employees with the Herculean task of making sure all of the shifts were staffed properly in order to keep the restaurant we all love running smoothly. We did it; fret not, but that’s where I was for the last two Wednesdays instead of streaming.

My time has not been wasted, though. Worldbuilding in Aryest trundles along, and the scope of the project continues to expand in reasonable, fitting ways. My Patrons will be getting a taste of the writing and worldbuilding that’s been going on within the next couple of days, including a janky little photo of a new aspect of my magic system I drew up while at work.

The gist there is that magic exists in everything from the natural world, and organic materials can be used to create potions and poultices, but naturally, there’s a twist. Good and evil does play a part in my stories, and it manifests here in the consequences for the source of the material. Use in line with the will of the absolute will not harm the source of the material in order to harvest it, where destruction of the source is contrary to that design. Thus, using a lizard’s shed tail in a poultice will draw you closer to the absolute, while harvesting a sheep’s blood will drive a wedge between you.

I have yet to fully flesh out or implement this new addition, but rest assured that I have big plans.

On the streaming front, although I haven’t been live, I’ve continued to enhance my ability to stream different games and sport a more appealing backdrop to my face cam. I’ll be going live immediately after this to stream a game I couldn’t before softmodding my Wii and acquiring an A/V converter, and since it’s one of my favorite games, I’m super excited. My plan is to resume generating content for my running series starting next week, which should be a week where we go back to normal.

I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to get back on here and update; my plan is to make these updates much more frequent, and ideally get some fiction to a point where it’ll be able to be posted over the coming weeks. In the meantime, leave your favorite fantasy media in the comments and we’ll discuss!

Have a good week!


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