Nowhere to Hide in Vacen

Nowhere to Hide in Vacen

Author’s Note

A bag drops from my belt.

Coins scatter, echoing down

the silent bluestone corridors

that surround me.

I freeze.


No shutters are drawn open,

nobody jumps out from the darkness.

The city

and I

Are still.



I gather my spoils

as the sound of my mishap

races away, through the city.

Ricocheting off walls;

galloping down streets

They’ll be looking for me soon,

if they aren’t already.

All I can do is clear the city

before the sound of coins

bouncing over cobbles and rolling over stones

reaches their ears.

Deftly, I tie the bag

back to my belt

and slink off through Northgate;

Not tonight, I whisper to myself.

Tonight, I’m safe.


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