State of the Umbrellas Address

Dear readers:

First, let me say thank you.  Since I began posting my fiction, my readership—both on a daily basis and my total follower count—has grown steadily.  To see the same usernames liking post after post is all at once heartening and motivating and inspiring.  It’s no exaggeration to say that feedback like that is what keeps me going week after week, so again I say thank you.

On the subject of going week after week, though, you’ve no doubt noticed that last Thursday nothing came out, and that what you’re reading right now isn’t the next chapter.  Fear not: I’m still writing To Save What’s Lost, and in two weeks you can look forward to another piece.  To be frank, though, I need a bit of a break.  It’s unfortunate, but TSWL is not the only thing I can spend my time on, and other aspects of my life demand my time and energy (Sidebar: if you’d like to help make TSWL my top priority, consider supporting my Patreon).    What I’m writing to say is that, for the month of August, I’m reducing my posting schedule to every other week.  I can’t fight to keep up with my blog on top of everything else I need to be doing.  Ideally, this break will allow me to get ahead of my posting schedule, which would allow me to add more Patreon rewards, and so on.

So thank you for following along, and thank you for understanding the need for a break in the name of mental health.  Know that I’d rather be doing this, and that I will be back, and hopefully, it’ll be a part of a much more sustainable model.


See you in two weeks!



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