Patch Notes 2

Even back in my first draft, I wasn’t satisfied with the description of what the made the Stranger so incongruous and upsetting.  As you’ve seen, I use the similarities in the Stranger’s garb and those at the “school” to give our heroes reason to think Collins will know something useful to them.  There are deeper lore reasons for these similarities, which will be revealed in time.  Without wishing to overexplain, I like the capes better because they’re significantly less limiting.  You’ll see how this pans out as you follow along.

First Contact:

This is the biggest change, as it’s the capes’ original description as well as where the most discussion of his clothing takes place.  For those tuning in after this change, I previously used robes to set the Stranger apart, but the descriptions were vague, because I couldn’t figure out how to make them interesting.  I feel capes/cloaks will work much better (they definitely are so far).

Gathering Darkness:

A more subtle change.  Previously, I didn’t even mention the Stranger’s robes in this scene, but with this change, I’m able to add some spookiness where before I felt it was missing something.


Even more subtle of a change.  Clerical in nature, really—just a bit of language.

Halls of Stone:

Also clerical.  A few grammar updates, too, but nothing crazy.


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