Patch Notes No.1

After writing the first half of Chapter 7, I’ve had to make some adjustments to the blog and the text before today’s upload.

-The first is on the TSWL about page, where I’ve added a brief explanation of what exactly is happening here.  The short version is that I’ve had to change some things in past chapters to service the narrative as a whole, and those changes are going to be detailed here.


The actual in-text change is that I’ve named the forest that separates Brin from Vacen.

-Grant now tells them to “go through the Vaç Forest instead of taking the road…” in the beginning of Ch.3 P.2

-The Narrator now calls the Vaç Forest by name while they’re in it toward the middle of that same chapter

These changes serve to make the narration in Ch.7 P.1 (from which you were undoubtedly linked) more smooth and natural for those who read it from the beginning, and increases the level of worldbuilding as a whole.


I hope this little guide helped!  I’ll be experimenting with other ways to convey this sort of information in the future, and as always, any and all feedback is more than welcome.




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