It’s Time You Met my Fiction

Today, I’m posting the very beginning of the current iteration of my long-term fiction project, which I’ve given the working title To Save What’s Lost.  In the Fiction Workshop class I mentioned last week, the teacher told us never to get too attached to our titles, because it’s common practice in publishing to have a marketing team change the title of a book to something properly marketable.  Therefore, even though I’m not super thrilled about TSWL‘s current name, I’m not putting too much effort into that specific piece of the puzzle, and it’s subject to change in the future.

I don’t have much else to say this week; my effort’s mostly been put toward the holidays and all of the trappings thereof (and polishing the TSWL prologue for your enjoyment).  The Fell’s Point article is still coming; I’ll actually have good time to get the editing done this week—I can’t believe it’ll be coming out a month after I originally intended it.  Not my proudest moment, to be sure. I’m using the New Year as an opportunity to redouble the effort I’m putting into this blog, and I sincerely hope you all find the changes to your liking.  I implore you to leave a comment with what you’re thinking: things you liked or hated, anything I’m making you think of, or things I’m obviously ripping off—we creatives don’t always notice…


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