Baltimore Honeymoon: Introduction

Getting married is quite something, folks.  I knew I loved her, but seeing her in that dress for the first time as she walked down the aisle, to “Sweet Child o’ Mine” no less, well, I’ll say it like this.  I wondered why we didn’t do this sooner.  I’m telling you this not to gloat or gush, but as a lead in to what we’ll be discussing this week.

78473585_10217638768093349_1000422480239656960_oNaturally, Morgan and I took a bit of time away from life in the days following our wedding to enjoy ourselves and bask in the post-wedding excitement, not to mention process the day together.  We took that time in Fell’s point, a historic neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, where a strong colonial shipbuilding industry begat a thriving sailor culture.  Sailor culture means drinking, and Fell’s Point still boasts the highest concentration of drinking establishments in Baltimore.  Only an hour away from our home and teeming with hotels and Airbnb’s, it was the perfect nexus of convenience and our interests to catch our eyes.

mvimg_20191119_130314_1I say teeming, but Morgan said she only found eleven actually within Fell’s Point.  I choose to stand by my use of “teeming,” though, because eleven within 75 acres is six for every acre, and I’m fairly confident that that 75 includes some water as well.  Keep your eyes open if you’re looking to go; the area is amazing.  We parked our car in a garage for $17 a day and planned to walk everywhere we needed to go.  That plan turned out to work splendidly (we had done prior research to ensure it was a sound plan), particularly with our discovery of an app-driven scooter rental service called Lime.  Further research has shown that “Lime” is a canny name for an electric vehicle service, as their website discusses their commitment to environmental sensitivity, including “[charging their] entire fleet with 100% renewable energy and [neutralizing] the emissions of [their] operations vehicle fleet by supporting carbon offset projects.”  You may have seen Lime before; they’re apparently all over the U.S., but as they’re not in Delaware or Vermont as of yet, they were a welcome surprise to us.

img_20191119_130027So, in the coming weeks, you can look forward to articles on Fell’s Point as a destination, a rundown of a couple of the establishments we got to see for ourselves, the National Aquarium, and Fort McHenry National Historical Monument.  I do regret that I’m sort of squeezing this trip for a month’s worth of content, but right now, that’s my life.  With a wedding to pay off, I won’t be able to go anywhere new anytime soon, and I’m still experiencing a dearth of new Patreon supporters, so as much as I love this blog, it’s not yet my primary source of income.  I’m exploring other avenues of writing-based income, so there’s nothing but hope.

Which of these subjects is most interesting to you?  Did we miss something in Baltimore that we need to go back and do?  Let me know down in the comments; I’d love to prioritize the more exciting topics.


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