Burlington Parks Followup

As promised, photos (and a bit more information on Casavant) that were missing from my post last Sunday.

City Hall Park


Those buildings in the background are what’s between us and Church Street proper.
View of the park from Main Street, just across the asphalt from the Flynn.



Casavant Nature Area

This green sign is posted after the actual entrance to the parking lot, unfortunately. Luckily, just up the road is a good gas station to turn around at.
The actual parking lot; I’ve included the signs in the other picture to assist with perspective.


A nifty bench between the lot and the river. The bench in the headline photo is also on this trail.


There’s no other word than trail, either. It’s about a ten minute hike from the lot to the river.


The overpass and swimming hole.  One of my favorite places in Chittenden County (we’re technically in Winooski now, not Burlington).
A better one of the spot where I like to swim. The water level is quite low in this picture.
This is the entrance from the other side of Casavant. It’s less than a minute’s walk from the end of that boardwalk to the clearing.


Looking downriver, toward Winooski. The bridge to Burlington is visible in this image, as is the Waterworks Restaurant on the right bank and the building that houses Pingala on the left.


The other trailhead. The clearing is to the left, the trail begins on the right.


The clearing itself. Another of my favorite places in Chittenden County.





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