West Point Wrap-Up

First and foremost, this post is a thank you to all of my supporters on Patreon. Without you, I’d never have the confidence to invest in all these miles. I’d be stuck, longing for adventure but needing to stay put if I want to be able to eat every day. Plus, you get all the stories without any of the stress. Thank you also to all my followers, not only on WordPress, but also on Facebook and Instagram. The attention keeps me going; I’m always watching my view counter. Please remember, dear readers, that the more Patreon support I have, the more writing I’ll be able to do.

The other main purpose of this free little post is to tease the next few things in the future of Umbrella Terms. I’ve just booked flights and lodging for a wedding weekend in Simi Valley, California, though as that’s already a busy weekend, I cannot say how many articles will come from it. In the meantime, as I’ve just dropped all this money on a cross-country plane trip, I’ll be doing articles on how to have fun in and around Burlington for free (or nice and cheap). Burlington is a fantastic city to walk, bike, blade, or board, Lake Champlain has plenty of boat and beach access, and there’s a few good mountains within an hour of your hotel (probably) for all levels of hiker. Mt. Philo in particular is both easy to find and small enough to be an easy day trip.

Those articles will start up next week; I’ve taken this week off of real articles, as four in the last two weeks seemed like plenty to me. FIFA’s got my day job all riled up, so they’re demanding more of my energy than normal anyway. I’ll not disappear, though, so until nest week, I say thank you all again.


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