Thailand 2018: Epilogue

Well, folks, that’s it.  I’m back home safe and sound, another incredible international experience behind me.  It’s a bittersweet thing.  No sense in dwelling upon what was, though, so instead I’ll discuss what will be.

It is my intention to move (back) to Vermont in mid-April: a sort of birthday gift to myself.  My college is in Burlington, where I’ll be living, so I know the area well.  However, I’ve never spent more than a weekend there in the summer.  Therefore, it shall be a summer spent traveling (and vacationing) in northern Vermont.  I’ll be writing with Burlington as the center; my weekly articles will be about places to eat and things to do in (and around) town.  However, it is not my intention to limit myself to Chittenden County, and you can expect some weeks to see multiple articles, as I do things like camp in the Green Mountains or make a day of the peculiar sites Stowe has to offer.

In the meantime, though, I’ll be returning to my regularly scheduled content.  Argilla’s March will likely be the next thing you read about here.  All that’s left now are a few words of thanks.  First, to my Grandpa Darrel and Grandma Gee Gee, for the kindness they showed by opening their home and acting as my tour guides for the week while I was in Chiang Rai.  Next, to my loyal readers; I always jump when my phone vibrates minutes after I hit the “publish” button, alerting me to WordPress notifications when y’all hit that “like” button.  And finally, to my Patreon supporters.  You are the fabric of my dreams taking form, becoming the magic carpet that flies me around the world.

The world out there is wonderful, but there’s a special comfort only returning home can bring.  Never lose sight of how great it is to simply be at home.

Big Blue Umbrella in Laos


Sunlight through the water in the Bat Cave


There’s a crab and a shrimp in this picture. Oh, and a jellyfish.

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